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The pilots take snacks and "piddle packs" to relieve themselves into

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Ambar was known for taking on the powerful Mughal rulers of northern India.

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Xiaomi may be the market-leader in China, but in most English-speaking countries it's not yet as big as Samsung or Apple, or not yet

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The APC hopes to unseat the governing People's Democratic Party in next month's elections

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"But we must not duck, as we then aregoing to give in to an unacceptable threat to culture."

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Tulip Mazumdar spent the day with one of them, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Burial Team 9 in the capital Freetown

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As world temperatures continue to tick up - 2014 was thewarmest on record, two U.S

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It’s almost a duplicate of the problem from a year ago because while there is a new head coach in town, Bowles’ system has some similarities to Ryan’s

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As recently as October, the court decided not to intervene in the gay marriage issue when seven cases from five states were pending

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It is packing winds of about 150 mph, equivalent to a category 4 hurricane

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I'm still not entirely sure what they're speaking about, but from what I've gathered a large rock convention is taking place downtown in a week or so

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The overall global temperature in 2014 masked considerable local variation, the climate analysts said

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Brightman, 54, will become the eighth tourist and first professional singer to visit the orbital outpost, a $100 billion research laboratory that flies about 260 miles (418 km) above Earth

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With the advent of microscope in the late 1500s, it became so easy for researchers to look into very tiny research subjects, which was never possible before with the help of magnifying glass

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Around one in ten MPs are not standing in the 2015 election

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Coming into the NFL I had never missed a game due to injury.

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26, said he wasconcerned that other countries could rush in to sell India theequipment it desires if the United States drags its feet.

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So what is the difference between "craft beer" and "real ale"? Unlike craft beer, real ale - as determined by UK pressure group Campaign For Real Ale - has to be unpasteurised and unfiltered

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Not only have they lost Anthony, CBS’ No