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It's a metaphor for addiction."

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The finding, according to researchers, has major implications for how type 1 diabetes is treated.

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What I’m seeing now is a guy who’s healthy, he feels good, and I’m sure he’s on a little bit of a mission."

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Many were perched atop cars and climbed trees for a view of the pope.

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Amile Jefferson added 19 as Duke handed Louisville its first double-digit loss in three years.

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“The goals for me are one thing, but he had a couple of key blocks at the end of the game, and for me that stands out.”

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When you find a guy that takes hold of it and embraces all of those responsibilities and can do it successfully, then you've got the real deal

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Symptoms can develop a few days after being bitten by an infected mosquito or up to a year later

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The study found that those who did not identify with any group were almost 20 times more likely to be depressed

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These are foods that boost gut hormone signals and include fish, chicken, basmati rice, lentils, grains and cereals

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Five days later in Nigeria's main city Lagos, a reveller performs at a campaign meeting of the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC)

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That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not too far from truth

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The boxing legend is now at his home

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"At that time, it would be classed as a modern recipe, but not authentically Indian

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Now it turns out that bar-headed geese are a bit extra level-headed about how they make their gruelling trip each year from Mongolia to devote winters in warmer India

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Physics professor Jason Petta led the Princeton team for the study to build a small device like a transistor, known as a double-dot micromaser

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Still, aspects of the job are very tough

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Matching your lipstick to your dress only ups that monochromatic cool factor

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The letter also reminds casinos that they must take a risk-based approach to compliance, focusing on gaming that presents the greatest money laundering threat.

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I got a lot of heartfelt texts from players I’d worked with, though, and then it was nice having all these teams calling me and saying very complimentary things about my work."

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Sure, Maccagnan could try to go all-in and trade up for one of the rookies

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And that's what the Seahawks love about the quarterback who just keeps winning

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Exxon Mobil, Chevron and other energy organizations led all ten sectors of the Normal & Poor's 500 index to gains, climbing 3 percent

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“We are appealing for everyone to take responsibility for road safety

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It was a recurring theme for a week in which JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and other big banks turned in final results that missed analysts' forecasts

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Provided you’re reading something other than the linked article.

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GOTHAM is based upon the characters from DC Comics and is produced by Warner Bros

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“We’ve seen pretty much a 25 per cent increase in calls in the last three or four days

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The noise at CenturyLink Field can be intimidating if a team allows it to be

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He described it as being a "12" on a 1-10 scale.

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Among these children, the risk of asthma was 28% higher

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The devices were recovered when the geese finished their migration toward their breeding grounds.

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“We’ve learned in the past year that planets the size and temperature of Earth are common in our Milky Way galaxy,” Howard said

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Most say they believe Romney will not be the strongest choice in 2016, in a race that could see Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

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He's then presented with $2,084, a Visa gift card and lottery tickets.

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"We wanted people to turn on their television sets and see themselves in this story," said actress Roma Downey, who produced "A.D

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The study looked at three types of overeaters

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With Nigerians, for example, that's what they have mastered and that's what they are doing so well because they've managed to incorporate their traditional elements

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In fact, the actress has her own line of leggings at Kmart

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He’s got to get his body in a good position to be explosive

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The van soon returned for another detainee.

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This isn’t the same situation as the one he faced a year ago when his offense was “broken,” and his offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride, was nudged out the door

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The former Florida governor puts "rising wages" front and center on the website of the political committee that's essentially his campaign-in-waiting.

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In a new video, a group of Pakistani and Afghan militants could be seen beheading a Pakistani soldier after pledging allegiance to "Islamic State" and its leader Baghdadi

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Automobiles are just one sector of many clamoring for therelease by President Nicolas Maduro government of more dollarsfor imports

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The executives at CBS/Turner don’t see it that way

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"This was the most open we've been and we just could not knock down the shot," Pitino said after the Cardinals' second-worst shooting performance this season

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“There are some people who initially don’t know, and then I say my name,” he said

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and Mexican authorities well before last year's arrest in Mexico of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman


In the same category is Boogaloo and Graham, directed by Michael Lennox

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It's in your genes to look this good...

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"To all the Jews of France, all the Jews of Europe," Netanyahu declared

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It’s not going to be easy for him to prove it again.

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Mall officials posted a statement to Facebook, saying the mall would remain closed until further notice while police continued their investigation

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A lawyer for one of the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo attacksaid the man had been buried in the eastern city of Reims in anunmarked grave so as not to attract admirers

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Get compact, ”A’ swings that will play in any ballpark."

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We'll be wearing it fur-ever

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"This is not like museum artifacts, it's not preserving something, because it's alive -- and if it dies, it dies completely

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Jane Kleeb, the leader of the pipeline opposition group Bold Nebraska, said the lawsuits will allow landowners to bring the case back to the Nebraska Supreme Court

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The star, EPIC 201367065, is a cool red M-dwarf about half the size and mass of our own sun